Saturday, October 17, 2009 at 7:19 AM has finally been released on Armor 1ManStudios did a great did a fantastic job putting the game together. The game is available for free play here. Caleb would like to apologize for the low audio quality; Armor Games has some limitation on file size.  The entire soundtrack is up for listening on the sidebar, including the just released menu music "The Beginning" (even though it wasn't actually used in the game, it was too good to leave out.)

Leave feedback and enjoy!


  1. Just felt like mentioning that your awesome music is one of the best parts of Ge.Ne.Sis. The End of the Beginning and Shanghai Nights are particularly nice pieces. Keep up the composing!

  2. Trevor Says:

    hmm is there any way we could download your music? your a really good composer :D

  3. Your music is incredible! All of it very much befits a nice dream sequence or an inspiring series like Kingdom Hearts. I would love to hear the boss battle theme but I can't find it on the sidebar. Can you please upload that too?

  4. Edwin Says:

    Awesome music! First heard it in, would love it if I could download it? Any idea on when that might come around?

  5. garc arstive Says:

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